Come and make the myth of love with me.
Come and see the world the same way I see.
Hear the sounds I hear,
feel what I feel…
It’s the way we were originally born, our way to heal.
Come and be with me,
be with this heart that loves you purely and endlessly…
You know everything so deeply,
And there’s no need to ask…
What kind of a question that will ever go further than we see…


Maybes and what ifs

Maybe being happy is not the truth and maybe being sad is not the truth either… It’s not the truth cause what made it, is not constant.

It occurred to me that death changes us, any death experience, not just ours, but when anyone we know dies a part of us dies, one of the ideas of death dies.

We refuse to see death as a transformation only because we can tolerate the idea of loosing, until we can’t, and we come to a moment, unless we change the way we think, we can’t live any more…

I thought about this line between the real world and the dream world.. And I asked what truly is a dream? It’s something we cannot perceive by our five senses. And what if you did? What if you could feel someone who had passed away? Isn’t that real?

Doesn’t that go beyond the impossible, cause living with the impossible is what really hurts, not the death itself, living with the idea that it’s impossible for you to see or talk to that person again, and we call things we cannot see any more dead, but we all believe in things we cannot see, and it’s more truthful than these little things that we can

Actually what lies on the the other side is not far from us right now, it’s already merged with our world, we only need to understand and connect with it… Maybe there’s no a happy feeling or bad feeling, maybe it’s another discrimination we grew up with as many others.

It’s the weirdest thing that you know god is speaking to you when even if it’s saying something that you refuse or hate, you’re still comforted and feel okay, but you know it’s not god or your good sense of things, when you feel bad about things that goes with what you want or with what’s right. I mean the right thing could be said in too ways; a way that feels good and another that feels bad, the first one you can do, the other you can’t, and you are left with its torment somehow…

I once read that “don’t expect the devil to be waiting for you by the doors of a bar, but expect it to be waiting for you by the doors of a mosque, a church or a temple”
How can divinity be disguised somehow, and can delude you for many years, I had such an encounter… And learned to go with my intuition ever since…

God bless all of you and I wish you well


   Painting, music and poetry were the loving answers of nature. Its sounds reflected million of pure tones that were put to music years later. Its scenery inspired us to draw on sand, walls and leaves. The first human word was poetry; because language was revealed for the first time in creation, so art was the natural sequel of the human expression; as nature taught us on its mysterious way.

   I selected music to be my answer to those questions with no answer. As I knew there is no reality in this personal drift, what’s left for me to justify is the fiction of the musical sounds on the world spectrum, which gives us the trends to the individual touch of the musician. And that is only a sample briefing the ability of art in general.

   I guess what I want to say is we are falling in love subconsciously with the artist; because he’s speaking in humanity shoes with no personal desire.

   I couldn’t prevent myself from wondering; what if I dwelt the inner nature having my self-made way of expression, my genuine improvisation with no need to take after nature by being my own nature.

   It sounded like madness even when I’m telling it to myself; trying to break through the human obstacles, maybe by abstraction or even by being for a moment inhuman.

MY prince charming

     I thought about how I would like you exactly to be, it was hard at the beginning then it was all clear. You are fragile, vulnerable and sad out of your intense feelings and clarity. If I would describe you, you would be glass; so transient and easily broken but yet strong; you can take heat, cold and a little friction but will be broken if you fall. That’s how I like you, which is exactly like me, I don’t know if I show those things but most probably I don’t, so I wouldn’t expect you to, so I guess I’ll know you by sense, and this image I created for you. If you exist for real I’m sure the problem won’t be in the synchronicity of your personality with your face, it’s only the matter of your existence.

     Crazy, that would most of the people say when you tell them something like that, but like I said; it’s only the matter of finding you that matters to me, those other fantasies will be there by the same miracle that brought you to me.


I love whatever is in me that made me love you

I’m not happy because I have loved,
I could’ve loved anyone,
I’m happy because I loved you

Do you know what does it mean that I couldn’t feel any music before,
and now I feel it as I never felt it

Do you know what does it mean that I saw life as a journey in search for you

Do you know when nothing else actually matters in the world except you

My only wish is not to find you,
my only wish is to be to you, what you are to me

I have finished my silence and went on in the story,
could you cuddle me and tell it to me again…
Please don’t end it, just keep talking till I fall asleep

Ruin my mind if you want to, and exchange each memory you are not in with another…
With another in which you are the father, the brother and the friend

I’m aching for your presence, for your smile, for your gentile attitude

I’m in love with every single detail, and I thank you for being you

In me you are there; in the heart, in mind and soul… Do I ever need to remember you,
how can one forget oneself

My chances of happiness are not gone as I once thought,
They were with you all a long

Could you stay near the light so I can picture you like this,
You and the flame

They should’ve told our story,
we were written on the pages of fate, and signed with love forever

When I love him

When I love him
I feel the summer
I touch the breeze
I remember the sea
I hear music in the sand
I can hear the waves sing

When I love him
I’m back to my childish dreams
I can breathe
And I can be
You evoke the goodness… the feeling place in me

With you everything is painless
With you I wish for the world
And I have it in a way

You imprisoned my heart and locked away my fears
So thank you my beloved,
Cause without you I were everyone except the one who is free